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Inclusiveness (81157-GA-¶4-C)
Petition Status:Calendar Item
Petition Text:Submitted TextADCA p. 954
References:Book of Discipline: ¶4
Committee:General Administration
Financial Implications:No
Submitted by:
Breaking the Silence - Texas Annual Conference
Kevin & Laura Young
Huntsville, TX, USA

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Inclusiveness (GA22-¶4-A)
Calendar Item Status:Committee Voted (Printed in DCA p. 2050)
Calendar Item No:175
Petitions on Calendar:81157
Consent Calendar:Not assigned to a Consent Calendar.
Committee Motion:Recommendation to Adopt
Committee Vote:
For: 41Against: 12Not Voting: 8
Vote Date and Time:4/26/2008 3:29 PM
Legislative Committee Report: The Petition is Adopted As Submitted.

Plenary Action Status<< Back

Last Vote Action:Amend the Main Motion
This motion was Adopted, with 558 votes for and 276 votes against.
Plenary Motions:
5/2/2008 4:14 PM
Friendly Amendment ADOPTED 2-1
Approved by chair of committee.
First 2 sentences remain unchanged.  Third sentence: split into 2 sentences and would read:
All persons shall be eligible to attend its worship services, participate in its programs, receive the sacraments, and upon baptism be admitted as baptized members.
All persons, upon taking vows declaring the Christian faith and relationship in Jesus Christ, shall be eligible to become professing members in any local church in the connection.
5/2/2008 4:25 PM
Amend the Main Motion ADOPTED 558-276
As Ammended

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