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PetitionTitleSort AscendingStatus
80923AdvocatePlenary Voted
80938Annual Conference Judicial CouncilPlenary Voted
81134ArbitrationPlenary Voted
80912ARC ResponsibilitiesPlenary Voted
81401Assistant CounselPlenary Voted
80086Bishops' Discretion in Supervisory ProcessPlenary Voted
81095Celibacy and FaithfulnessPlenary Voted
81379Censure of James HolsingerPlenary Voted
81081Certified Candidate AppealsPlenary Voted
81472Change of VenuePlenary Voted
81317Chargeable OffensePlenary Voted
81316Chargeable OffensePlenary Voted
80865Chargeable OffensesPlenary Voted
81556Chargeable OffensesPlenary Voted
80840Chargeable OffensesPlenary Voted
81318Chargeable OffensesPlenary Voted
81387Chargeable OffensesPlenary Voted
80920ClarificationPlenary Voted
81169Committees on EpiscopacyPlenary Voted
80926ComplainantsPlenary Voted
81467ComplaintPlenary Voted
81468ComplaintPlenary Voted
81458ComplaintPlenary Voted
81463ComplaintPlenary Voted
81464ComplaintPlenary Voted
81466ComplaintPlenary Voted
81411Complaint Against Professing MemberPlenary Voted
80909Complaint ProceduresPlenary Voted
81400Complaint ProcessPlenary Voted
81399Complaint ProcessPlenary Voted
81398Complaint ProcessPlenary Voted
81042Complaint ReferralPlenary Voted
81462ComplaintsPlenary Voted
81461ComplaintsPlenary Voted
81465ComplaintsPlenary Voted
81469ComplaintsPlenary Voted
80276ComplaintsPlenary Voted
80924ComplaintsPlenary Voted
81460ComplaintsPlenary Voted
81459ComplaintsPlenary Voted
81369Complaints Against BishopsPlenary Voted
81446Complaints Against BishopsPlenary Voted
80372ConfidentialityPlenary Voted
80848Conflicts of InterestPlenary Voted
81315Conflicts of Interest and Recusal
81473CounselPlenary Voted
80149Credential RevocationPlenary Voted
80942Declaratory DecisionsPlenary Voted
81037Definition of ComplaintsPlenary Voted
81403DeletionPlenary Voted
81402DeletionPlenary Voted
81405DeletionPlenary Voted
81404DeletionPlenary Voted
81408DeletionPlenary Voted
80866DeletionPlenary Voted
80934DeletionPlenary Voted
81407DeletionPlenary Voted
80927DeletionPlenary Voted
81043Discontinue Probationary MembershipPlenary Voted
80925Double JeopardyPlenary Voted
80847Election of Judicial Council MembersPlenary Voted
81314EligibilityPlenary Voted
80939Establish Case Review PanelPlenary Voted
80915Face AccuserPlenary Voted
80972Fair ProcessPlenary Voted
80913Fair ProcessPlenary Voted
81045ForumPlenary Voted
81445General Conference Committee on InvestigationPlenary Voted
80803Holding Bishops AccountablePlenary Voted
81041Involuntary RetirementPlenary Voted
81107Judicial ConductPlenary Voted
80474Judicial CouncilPlenary Voted
80849Judicial Council PowersPlenary Voted
80904Judicial Council PowersPlenary Voted
80148Judicial Council QuorumPlenary Voted
80024Jurisdictional Administrative Review CommitteePlenary Voted
81475Jury PoolPlenary Voted
81406Lay MembersPlenary Voted
80918Limit ReferralPlenary Voted
80973Medical ReviewPlenary Voted
81380Membership of PresidentPlenary Voted
80944Moot and HypotheticalPlenary Voted
81046Nominations from the FloorPlenary Voted
81471Officers of the CourtPlenary Voted
81474Out-of-Court TestimonyPlenary Voted
80499Participation of BishopsPlenary Voted
81444Referral to General CounselPlenary Voted
80928Remedial OptionsPlenary Voted
81093Removal of CredentialsPlenary Voted
80018Remove Some Chargeable OffensesPlenary Voted
81190Reporting ResolutionPlenary Voted
81413RestorationPlenary Voted
80988Retain LanguagePlenary Voted
81376Self-AvowedPlenary Voted
80914Self-IncriminationPlenary Voted
81191Special InvestigationPlenary Voted
80922SpecificationsPlenary Voted
80373Supervisory Follow-UpPlenary Voted
81177Supervisory Response When Complaint is Against a District SuperintendentPlenary Voted
80917Time and LocationPlenary Voted
81044Time Between BallotsPlenary Voted
81370TimelinePlenary Voted
80506Transgenderism Among ClergyPlenary Voted
80027Transparency of Church TrialsPlenary Voted
80952Trial PoolPlenary Voted
80949Trial PoolPlenary Voted
80948Trial PoolPlenary Voted
81470TrialsPlenary Voted
81038Update to ConformPlenary Voted
80921WitnessPlenary Voted
81525Young People on Judicial CouncilPlenary Voted

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