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PetitionTitleSort AscendingStatus
80237Age DefinitionPlenary Voted
80274Agencies and General AgenciesPlenary Voted
80985Budget ProcessPlenary Voted
81143Central Conference MembershipPlenary Voted
80061Commitment in Mission and MinistryPlenary Voted
80894Connectional Table MembershipPlenary Voted
81098Connectional Table MembershipPlenary Voted
80194Connectional Table MembershipPlenary Voted
80021Constitutional ChangePlenary Voted
80210Cross Reference NotationPlenary Voted
80144Define Older AdultPlenary Voted
80375DeletionPlenary Voted
80145DeletionPlenary Voted
80141Deputy General SecretaryPlenary Voted
80238DMYP Members on Connectional TablePlenary Voted
81192ElectionPlenary Voted
81302Ensure InclusionPlenary Voted
81299Ensure InclusionPlenary Voted
81449ExclusionPlenary Voted
80171GBHEM Members on Conference BoardsPlenary Voted
80292GenderPlenary Voted
81485General AgenciesPlenary Voted
81486General AgenciesPlenary Voted
81131General AgenciesPlenary Voted
80115General AgenciesPlenary Voted
80395General Agency MembershipPlenary Voted
80068General Agency Witness Ministry CoordinatorsPlenary Voted
81180General Secretary SupportPlenary Voted
81252Global ChurchPlenary Voted
80093Inclusive Language for AgePlenary Voted
81157InclusivenessPlenary Voted
81104InclusivityPlenary Voted
81301International StaffingPlenary Voted
81048Leadership CouncilPlenary Voted
81221LitigationPlenary Voted
80166Member ReplacementPlenary Voted
80164Membership and RepresentationPlenary Voted
80488Membership of the General Church BodiesPlenary Voted
80962Nondiscrimination Against LaityPlenary Voted
80143Organizational MeetingsPlenary Voted
81451PeacemakingPlenary Voted
81452Peacemaking Report RequestPlenary Voted
81524Percentage on Agencies and BoardsPlenary Voted
81528Proposed StudyPlenary Voted
80106Readiness for MembershipPlenary Voted
81300RepresentationPlenary Voted
80360Restrictions on Closed MeetingsPlenary Voted
80455Retain LanguagePlenary Voted
81501Retain Special SundaysPlenary Voted
80060Special SundaysPlenary Voted
81127Special SundaysPlenary Voted
81047StaffPlenary Voted
81187Study CommitteePlenary Voted
80983TenurePlenary Voted
81146Unanimity in Certain AreasPlenary Voted
81141Year 44 Task ForcePlenary Voted

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