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Display a listing of all Petitions or Calendar Items using this option. Just choose to browse by either Petition Number or Calendar Item.

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Display a listing of petitions as they relate to either The Book of Discipline or The Book of Resolutions. First, choose to browse by either Book of Discipline or Book of Resolutions. Then, choose what you would like to include in the listing: all (both existing and new), only existing paragraphs or numbers, or only new paragraphs or numbers.

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  • New paragraph or number created by legislation

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Display a listing of petitions by the organization or individual(s) that submitted the petition. First, choose to browse by either Organization or Individual. use the drop-down list to narrow the organization by type (annual conference, local church, general agency, or other organization) or the listing of individual by alphabet. Then, select whether to sort the list by petition title or number.

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